Here We Go…

Welcome to the newest sci-fi podcast! Rather than review movies, books, series, shows, stories for their content and quality, this show will focus on the tech that’s part of the fiction. We’ll talk about how far from reality we think it is and what it’s impact might be.

A typical show will go like this:

  • Intro
  • SciFi tech in the news (e.g., Tricorder X-prize)
  • Synopsis of the book/story/movie
  • Discussion
  • Set up for the next episode (book/story/movie & guest?)
  • Outro

We’ve got some guests lined up to mix it up a bit. And of course, you can join the discussion in the comments.

Welcome to the Future!

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  1. If I remember correctly the tv show Person Of Interest had been mentioned as a possible subject for a future episode?And what about the now cancelled tv show Alcatraz.Have just acquired the 1st season DVD’s for Person Of Interest and the complete series DVD’s for Alcatraz.Have some DVD viewing to do.See you all out in the Twitterverse.Till Next Time 🙂

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