SciFi Tech Talk is the podcast where we look at scifi in all forms – movies / TV shows / books / short stories. We focus on the tech involved and what it says about THE FUTURE. We may go through older material, see how much has become reality and how far we have yet to go. And new material will be looked at from the standpoint of how long we think it will take to become reality and how far from the present does it stretch the imagination.


Julie Kuehl

Portrait of Julie Kuehl

By day I’m an IT Communication Specialist and minor programmer/developer. I’m also a student flexing my web design/development skills (WordPress / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP) as I’m helping to build out a large network of websites.

I’m a Mac fan and love to listen to and participate in podcasts like the International Mac PodcastThe Tech Lounge, and Apptastic Reviewers. I also have a blog here and there, including one about riding my Harley-Davidson and a spot for random thoughts. I am a contributor to The Mac Observer and The Tech Lounge, and write iOS app reviews and news for All Things Apple and Touch Reviews.

My love of scifi goes way back. There are several stories I read as a kid that made a big impression on me. I’ve always found scifi a great medium for looking at familiar things in an unfamiliar way.


Jeff Syer

Portrait of Jeff Syer

Jeff was born and raised in southern Ontario, Canada. He joined the Army to support himself through college and ultimately ended up serving for 20 years in the reserves. After working for 8 years full time in the military he went back to a part time reservist and took a position with Ontario Power Generation as an Operator at a power plant. Jeff is a husband and father of 1 and step-father of 3 adult children. An avid motorcyclist, he has criss crossed North America on numerous motorcycle trips. He is a life long gamer and scifi fan.


Mike McPeek

Portrait of Mike McPeek

What I do to pay the bills is work as a high school custodian. What I do for fun is work on the computer and podcast. Growing up on the plains of South Dakota there wasn’t a lot to do. But I was able to entertain myself by read old sci-fi books from the back staircase. Edgar Rice Burroughs “Pellucidar” and “John Carter of Mars” books among many. I also watched Star Trek and thought that this is the way the world should be. My mantra has alway been “I want my Star Trek future and I want it now”. I have always thought of science fiction as a testing grounds for ideas that will change the world.

I have been involved for over 30 years starting with my Radio Shack Color Computer through Dos, Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS and Android. I also like to do digital photography. I just like to play with anything that has to do with tech. Having just recently joined Julie and Jeff on the podcast I am having lots of fun. I also do my own podcast Bard on the Plains at where I talk to people who have interesting stories to tell.

When I haven’t been spending time on computers I have worked as a farmer, at a potato chip plant and as a custodian. I have a wife and 3 grown kids.